Elsa is currently the Director of NeuroQuest, Ltd, a private clinic for the practice of Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy. She is a licensed clinical psychologist who, for the past 20 years, has combined a psychotherapy practice with the use of brainwave biofeedback (neurofeedback). Disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention- deficit disorders, migraines, head injury, sleep disorders, seizure activity, Tourette’s syndrome, motor disorders, and even addictions have been treated by her using neurofeedback and psychotherapy when indicated.

Her major research interest has been in studying the clinical use of a Neurofeedback Asymmetry Protocol for treatment of depression. She has numerous publications in peer review journals, and in books. In 2004 she received the Presidential Award of Merit from the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research for “Research and application of Neurofeedback for treatment of chronic depressive disorders.” Other research interests include brainwave studies of pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, and neurofeedback as a treatment for head injuries.

In 2016, Elsa was awarded a lifetime achievement - The M.B. Sterman Career Achievement Award - from the International Society For Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR).

Elsa received a Master’s degree in Psychology from Roosevelt University, Chicago campus, and a Doctorate from Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois Campus, in 1971. She had appointments at the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus, Dept. of Psychology, and at Northwestern University, School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychology. Her duties included teaching seminars and supervising graduate students.

Work Experiences:
Her work history goes back to 1970, where she served as psychological consultant to the Milwaukee Psychiatric Services, until 1974. During that time she also served as a consultant to the Northwestern University Speech and Language Clinics, Dept. of Communicative Disorders. In 1974 she became a Senior Psychologist in the Dept. of Psychiatry at Cook County Hospital, and served as Administrator of the Out Patient Psychology Clinics before resigning in 1978. Her experiences there included supervision and training of interns, Liaison Consultant to the Orthopedic and Hemodialysis Units, and Co-Therapist in the group program for transgender individuals. After leaving County Hospital, she devoted full time to private psychotherapy practice along with her husband Rufus Baehr, Ph.D. In 1992, she took her first course in Neurofeedback, at the Menninger Clinic in Kansas. Since that time she has combined her psychotherapy practice with Neurofeedback. .

Dr. Elsa Baehr, PhD