Baehr@Baehr, Ltd., originally incorporated in 1981, was established by Doctors Elsa and Rufus Baehr to provide psychotherapy for individuals and families. In 1992 we added brainwave biofeedback (neurotherapy) for our clients. We adopted the name NeuroQuest, Ltd. to better describe our expanded venues. Since the early 90's we have practiced both neurotherapy and psychotherapy in our clinic. Our approach is an integrative one which begins with a differential diagnosis, in which we not only consider the presenting problem, but also look for all the factors which might contribute to the issues which prompted a visit to our clinic. In addition to the many tools and some of the most cutting edge neurofeedback technology, we have an extensive network of holistic practitioners who practice both traditional and alternative therapies, to whom we refer patients when necessary.

Our affiliate company, Cogfit Quest, Ltd provides individual and group programs designed to improve cognition and memory skills. We serve clients ages 6 to 90 years of age. For more information, call us at 847-674-8060.